Palm Springs Seniors Golf School of America

Palm Springs Seniors Golf School

Thank you for your interest in Palm Springs Seniors Golf School located at The Golf Club at Terra Lago. We are available to provide the best in golf instruction at a great teaching facility from November through May. Whether you are interested in individual or couples instruction or a one, two or three-day golf school we promise you will be pleased.



Many golf schools brag about not having more than three students to a teacher (3:1) and won’t even consider working with less than two students (2:1). We believe that no instructor should work with more than two students, couple or twosome. We also believe that working for four hours in our sometimes very hot Southern California desert weather is often too long for some students so we provide 3-hour school days when requested.  When we do have 4-hour classes, we do our best to take a little time each session to rest, drink water, have lunch and discuss progress.

We also realize that no two students or couples have the same experience, same problems, same goals, or same motivation so we try to customize each class to accommodate all students and their particular needs. Above all, we try to listen and customize our classes for each individual.

Please call us for a price quote and tell us what you would like.


New this year; we are offering a “total immersion” golf school for experienced couples or twosomes who:

1 – Want to improve their golf games together.
2 – Want to enjoy playing together more.
3 – Want to learn how to help each other.
4 – Want to be able to take their improvement to the golf course.

If you are tired of hearing, “You looked up,” You’re bending your left arm,” “You’re not following through” or other irrelevant comments from your spouse or playing partner, we will show you what to watch for in your partner’s golf swing, what comments might help and when to just be quiet.

We offer 1, 2 or 3-day schools and as the 2-day and 3-day schools include on-course instruction and may last well over four hours, we suggest a “free day” between sessions to rest, heal your blisters or possibly even go to the golf course, if your schedule permits. This is especially helpful if you have been “snowed in” for four or five months.

Call for costs and to reserve your dates.


DAY ONE (four-hour day plus lunch)

9 AM: Discussion of goals, problems, and expectations. Start by hitting wedges to 9 irons. Discussion of possible changes with both partners and video.
10 AM: Continue any changes while working on 9 to 7 irons. Point out changes to both partners and discuss morning progress.
11:30 AM: Lunch break.
12:30 PM: Full swing with driver and hybrids. Video and consultation with partners.
1:45 PM: Summary of first day and review of any changes.
2 PM: End of day one.

DAY TWO (five-hour day plus lunch)

10 AM: Discussion of day one. Move to the short game area for chipping and short pitch shots. Review of any changes to see if they apply to shorter golf shots.
11 AM: Students’ choice as to where they need more work. More video and consultation with partner.
12 N: Lunch break.
1 PM to 1:30: Putting basics.
1:30 to 4 PM: Nine-hole playing lesson.
4 PM: “Happy hour” time and discussion of progress and how partner can help.

DAY THREE (optional free day)

DAY FOUR OR DAY THREE (five-hour day plus lunch)

10 AM to 10:30: Full discussion of progress and partner involvement.
10:30 AM to 12 Noon: Continue with the student’s choice and video.
12 Noon: Lunch break.
1 PM to 1:30: Video and driver practice.
1:30 to 4 PM: Nine-hole playing lesson.
4 PM: “Happy hour” time and discussion of progress and how the partner can help.

Palm Springs Seniors Golf School includes instruction, video, golf cart, practice balls, lunch, green fees, and tips for cart boys and waiters and drinking water as well as phone, e-mail or video consultation for a year.

A $500 deposit is required to hold your dates and the remainder will be due at the beginning of the classes.

Please contact us to learn more about Palm Springs Seniors Golf School (702) 630-7857.