We Love Senior Golfers

The Only Exclusively Senior (55+) Golf School
In The United States

Designed for only Senior Golfers
Taught by Champions Tour members or Senior PGA members


You can’t improve effectively without individual attention!

At  Seniors Golf Academy, we believe that, regardless of your age or the state of your game, in order to play your best golf, you must adhere to some or all of golf’s Time Tested Fundamentals.

I have been involved in golf for 58 years now. I have played in over 500 amateur and professional golf tournaments. I have won Arnold Palmer’s Bayhill Classic and a number of National Opens on two different continents. I have now been teaching/coaching golf for over 36 years including giving 52,000+ lessons. I have played and taught all over the world.

Listen to an incredible half-hour of discussion with Bob’s background as one of the greatest college players on one of the top teams in the country plus his years on the PGA Tour:

I have seen thousands of players move through their entire careers. Golfers everywhere make the same types of errors in their games that never allow them to fully express their love for the sport. A system that is in balance tends to stay in balance. A system that is out of balance tends to break down. Keep this in mind: a good swing is a physical pleasure. It will not put undue pressure on your muscles or joints. If you are hurting while playing golf or after playing golf, then the game is talking to you…telling you to make an adjustment.

All golfers want to play well and do that on a consistent basis. They just don’t know how to do that.

My experience and expertise will allow you to know. It is my job to prioritize and present the TIME-TESTED FUNDAMENTALS to you in a manner that is understandable and tailored specifically for you.

Welcome to the Seniors Golf Academy of Las Vegas

I will be your teacher/coach. We will do things together that will put your game on track…perhaps for the first time. We will also lay the foundation for your continued improvement over time. Why? Because you will be taught simple, controllable, and fundamental things that must work. In fact, these things cannot not work. All you have to do is feed these fundamentals into your game. Doing so will get you into a positive feedback loop of learning.

Billions of balls have already been hit, thousands of professional tournaments have already been won, dozens of Major championships have been decided so that you don’t have to question what to do anymore. I have synthesized all the commonalities of the historically great players over the past 100 years. Sam Snead, Ben Hogan, and Jack Nicklaus were my main models. I have done this to create no question in anyone’s mind as to what to do to improve and move toward optimal performance…if that is what you want.

I call these commonalities TIME-TESTED FUNDAMENTALS. There are 8 general categories. You start with one. It leads you to another and another and another. It can’t not work.

We will start from the most basic information and move on from there. As your teacher, I will prioritize and present the information in a manner that you will be able to understand and work on. As your coach, I have all the faith and belief as to exactly what we are doing. Over time, through positive experience and reinforcement, you will take over that faith and belief. Once that happens you will be on a pathway of unlimited improvement. If you want to achieve something that you have never experienced, then you will have to do something that you have never done. Doing so will…always does work. All you have to do is do it.

Remember this is no cookie-cutter formula. Although the Time Tested Fundamentals will never change they always allow for individual expression. Your swing motion, short game action, and putting stroke will be unique…just like you are. The length of your swing will be determined by your flexibility/suppleness, the speed of your swing will be determined by your agility, the consistency will be determined by your ability to repeat your rhythm and stay in balance. My experience and expertise allow for dramatic enhancement in every area.

What will it be like to be the best version of yourself?
Get ready. You are about to find out.

Everything we will do together will be a logical and natural means of controlling the result. Logical because it will make sense from a variety of perspectives. Natural because it will adhere to the laws of physics and bio-mechanics…because your body really wants to do it this way.

As you feed in these Time Tested Fundamentals your swing and game will take on a whole new look. Consistency, efficiency, and ease of motion will be experienced. You will recognize this and want to continue…on and on…down a whole new pathway of discovery.

In essence, you will become of GOLFER!

Seniors Golf Academy
I look forward to being your guide down this road.

Best regards,

Bob Byman